Comic Books

“Every print has a story”

Everyone has a story to tell, so do we. And we tell our story through our clothes. Every print has a story.

You may have heard the quirky names we give to our prints for example: When Llama Met Alpaca, Dinosaur Circus, You Toucan and so forth. But did you know that behind these quirky names there are interesting quirky stories as well.

So we officially welcome you to the world of Pupuyu & Co; where you will meet the characters found on our prints such as Crex, the Dino and his friends; Azad, the elephant; the two mountain cousins-the Llama and the Alpaca.

Your kids are going to love these comics! The stories are feel-good, light-hearted, inspirational, sometimes with a moral lesson and most importantly short! So Parents rejoice, because this will be your favorite pick for bedtime stories! And most importantly your kids will connect to the stories and the clothes that they wear would be more meaningful to them.

But where can you find these stories? In our new comic book series! Yes, we have exciting news. We are launching our comic book collectibles. With every printed outfit that you purchase from us you will get a comic book about the print.

This is a phased launch. For every print that comes with a book, there will be an indication under the description on our website when you purchase. The remaining books for all our current prints will be populated in phases this year. The books are also listed for purchase as standalone items.

Comic Books

Quick, quirky fun-filled comics for your kids! Collect them all!